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DC Drinks -


Zatanna -

“Magic Trick”

1 oz. Amaretto
1 oz. Vodka
1 oz. Brandy
1 oz. Irish Cream
1 oz. Coffee Liqueur 


Pour over ice in a pint glass and stir well.

Booster Gold -

“Bit of Honey” (Shooter)

1/2 oz. Butterscotch Schnapps 
1/2 oz. Irish Cream
1 splash(es) Coca Cola


Mix in a shot glass.

Blue Beetle -

“Blue Iguana”

1/2 oz. Rum
1/2 oz. 7-Up 
1/2 oz. Vodka
1/2 oz. Everclear
1/2 oz. Tang Drink Mix


Bend until smooth and pour into a frosted beer mug.

Green Lantern -

“Bay City Bomber”

1/2 oz. Vodka 
1/2 oz. Rum 
1/2 oz. Tequila 
1/2 oz. Gin 
1/2 oz. Triple Sec 
1 oz. Orange Juice 
1 oz. Pineapple Juice 
1 oz. Cranberry Juice 
1 oz. Sour Mix 
1/4 oz. Bacardi 151 Proof Rum


Blend all ingredients except for 151 rum, with 1 cup of ice until smooth; pour into a parfait glass. Float the 151 rum and add a cherry and a slice of orange.

Batwoman -

“Hey Bitch - Come Here”

10 oz. Chocolate Milk (Preferably YooHoo chocolate drink) 
1 oz. Kahlua
1 oz. Rum
1 oz. Creme de Cacao
1 oz. Butter Shots
1 oz. Raspberry Schnapps


Combine over ice in a highball glass. Or blend it with ice for a “cold bitch, come here”. Add 1oz. of grenadine to make it “bloody”. This drink is very sweet, good for weak drinkers.

Superboy -


1/2 oz. Chambord Raspberry Liqueur
1/2 oz. Stolichnaya ( Stoli ) Raspberry Vodka
1/2 oz. Triple Sec


Shake with ice and strain into shot glass.

Just a few things to add to my drink recipes.  Move along, folks.

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